Trails From Zero and Trails To Azure Exceeds Expectations

We got a quarterly report on the financial status of Falcom in Japan. Falcom is the developer of the Trails series and has recently released localized ports of the Crossbell arc globally. Let me summarize if you don’t want to try and learn Japanese to understand what the financial report says.

The second quarter of sales amounted to 1,138 million yen, while the previous year’s quarter 2 sales were 950 million yen. A lot of this quarter’s sales were from the localized ports globally. When you break down the numbers further we see that the majority of that number is from the licensing numbers. When a developer gets licensing deals from other countries, they get a share of the royalties that stem from the video game sales. Thanks to this financial report we see that 1,059 million yen was from the licensing royalties from localized ports of their games.

Due to this news we got a statement from Nihon Falcom that says “Sales of the Ys and Trails series in North America, Europe, and Asia remained strong. In addition, sales of the English versions of Trails from Zero (released in September 2022) and Trails to Azure (released in March 2023) exceeded expectations. As a result, net sales, operating income, ordinary income, and net income for the first half of the current fiscal year exceeded the previously announced figures, respectively.”

Thanks to NoisyPixel for the translation.

Trails into Reverie releases July 7th, 2023 for PS4,PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC globally.

If you want to get into the Trails series, we have a good guide on the website.