The Flash

The Flash Movie Gets Final Trailer

It’s crazy to think about how The Flash movie was announced about 9 years ago, and we’re only now just getting it. That and how the TV series will end before its movie debut. Timing is everything, I suppose. But even with all the controversy that has gone on with Ezra Miller behind the scenes, many fans are eager to see the movie. Not only because they want to see this version of Barry Allen finally get his big-screen feature film but because of all the characters, new and old, that’ll show up as well. To those who are eager for more of them, the final trailer for the film will make you happy.

Not only do we see more of both Batmans (Affleck and Keaton) in action, we all see the return of Jeremy Irons’ Alfred and a snippet of Iris West! Plus, plenty of action and new abilities that The Flash will get to use. You won’t have to wait long to race into theaters and see the movie on June 16th.