Spectator Mode Podcast

Spectator Mode Podcast – 135: Your backlog and you, review bombing good games

On this episode of the Spectator Mode Podcast, the crew is asked if and why they drop their backlog for new games because we all do it. Moving on, we’re excited about the Asus ROG Ally and talk about why, review bombing Chained Echo on Metacritic, why Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom gets a pass for its many issues, and ending it with Falcom’s success. #zeldatearsofthekingdom #asusrogally #chainedecho #reviewbombing


  • 00:00 – Intro / Thanks for listening to our podcast
  • 00:60 – Do you drop your backlog for new games?
  • 07:53 – Thoughts about the Asus ROG ALLY handheld device
  • 21:58 – Chained Echo Review Bombing on Metacritic
  • 36:46 – Zelda Tears of The Kingdom is missing basic options
  • 54:58 – Falcom Quarterly Financial Status
  • 01:06:56 –  Outro

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