Xbox Seagate storage expansion cards

Seagate’s Xbox Series X|S storage expansion cards receive permanent price drop

There’s no denying that the Seagate Xbox Storage Expansion Cards are expensive and have been so ever since they were released. However, that’s all changing today as the Xbox Twitter account posted a message that these cards are seeing a permanent price drop starting today.

The 512GB Seagate Xbox storage expansion card is now priced at $90 (originally $140), 1TB at $150 (originally $220), and the 2TB at $280 (originally $400). Those are some nice price drops and great news for anyone who was looking to expand their Xbox Series X|S storage but didn’t want to spend so much money.

I wish this price cut should have come much sooner. I’ve spent a considerable amount of money on storage cards for Xbox Series X|S and my family’s. If you recently purchased one, I’d see if you can get some of your money back.

What’s interesting here is how this will affect the “leaked” Western Digital Xbox storage expansion card that was shown on the Best Buy website (now removed). According to the retailer, WD is getting ready to release a 1TB card for $180, which seems silly to release at this price due to the recent Seagate Xbox storage expansion card price cut.

Regardless, the price cut is good news, and while I wish the prices were more in line with the prices of non-proprietary SSDs, hopefully, the price of the storage cards will drop even more during sales.