Good Omens season 2

Rejoice! Good Omens Season 2 Comes Down to Amazon in July

Heading into Amazon’s limited series Good Omens, an adaptation of the divine novel by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, I never expected a second season. The novel, one of my all-time favorites, never received a sequel. The Amazon show adapted the entire book, so no reason to expect a second season, right? Well, imagine my surprise last year when Neil Gaiman announced a second season. And now, it arrives this summer.

First, how is this possible? Just short of divine intervention, it seems the limited series did so well that Amazon requested a followup. And then, Gaiman just so happened to have the tentative sequel notes that he wrote with the late Sir Terry Pratchett before Pratchett’s passing. Gaiman confirmed that David Tennant and Michael Sheen would reprise their roles as the demon Crowley and angel Aziraphale, respectively. And they let heaven–or hell–handle the rest.

This past fall, more news arrived out of New York Comic Con. Gaiman headed a panel featuring returning cast members Nina Sosanya and Maggie Service, along with new cast member Quelin Sepulveda. Though Sosanya and Service appeared in the first season, the new season will see them in new roles, aptly named Nina and Maggie. Jon Hamm will return as the Angel Gabriel. As for what Good Omens season 2 will be about? “It will be about six episode,” Gaiman told attendees at the time.

The Verge has provided a bit more info, according to Amazon the new season will cover the following:

Season 2 of Good Omens explores storylines that go beyond the original source material to illuminate the uncanny friendship between Aziraphale, a fussy angel and rare book dealer, and the fast-living demon Crowley. Having been on Earth since The Beginning, and with the Apocalypse thwarted, Aziraphale and Crowley are getting back to easy living amongst mortals in London’s Soho when an unexpected messenger presents a surprising mystery.

But thankfully we won’t have much longer to wait to find out. Good Omens season 2 will arrive on Amazon Prime on July 28th. Mark your calendars, folks. It may not be the end of the world, but hopefully it provides a thrilling continuation to a beloved story.