QUEEN BEE “Mephisto” Official Video Out Now

QUEEN BEE’s vocalist “Avu-chan” stars as Idol “Avu-chi” in captivating music video depicting the human struggles renowned director Sayaka Nakane, who has collaborated with Avu-chan on all of QUEEN BEE ‘s music videos since “HALF,” directed the visually stunning production.

In addition to Avu-chi, the music video features appearances by QUEEN BEE members Yashi-chan and Hibari-kun. Notably, the role of Avu-chi’s manager, Shiori Shindo, is portrayed by rising actor Kanari Ono, recipient of the “Best Newcomer” award at the 46th Japan Academy Awards. This collaboration came to fruition through Avu-chi’s passionate invitation to Ono, who expressed her admiration during the Japan Academy Awards ceremony, saying, “I always listen to your music!”

Avu-chi herself commented on the release, saying, “Hello, everyone in the world! I’m Avu-chi, the idol from hell and a member of QUEEN BEE!  Mephisto is the devil of wishes. In this music video, we present “Idol, The Path of Carnage” with a wish! With the exceptional collaboration and support of the beloved Kanari Ono, who pushed me to my limits both emotionally and physically, we have crafted a work of art that I hope will resonate with you and encourage multiple viewings. With sincere dedication, I present this video, laden with aspirations.”

You can listen to the song on your favorite streaming apps here: https://queenbee.lnk.to/Mephisto

You can check out the official video below:

Source: Press Release