Lies of P Key Art 1280x720

Pincoolo Soulslike Lies of P releases this August 2023

We finally have a release window for the upcoming Soulslike title, Lies of P, which will be released this August 2023. Lies of P was first revealed back during Gamescom 2022.

The only way to describe Lies of P is if Pinocchio was a dark fairy tale and had a child with Bloodborne, because that’s exactly what we’re getting here. Based on the story of Pinocchio, but with a Soulslike gameplay twist, which promises to be one of the more unique games of 2023.

Throughout the game, you will have the option to lie to figure out certain reveals or if he wants to stay as a puppet made by Geppetto. The Souls genre inspires the combat, but the aesthetic is closer to the Bloodborne video game.

I’ve said it multiple times, and I’ll repeat it; I’m looking forward to this game as I enjoy Soulslikes, and I love the direction of this game especially how the game seems to incorporate several features from various titles, especially the gothic horror from Bloodborne. I can’t wait to try this in August when it releases for the PS4. PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and now on Xbox Game Pass.