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Nintendo Entertainment Podcast – Episode 328 – Dawn Of A New Day

The Nintendo Entertainment Podcast is here! And with a new game about to drop in their laps, the team talk about the hype one last time before they dive in!

But first! The team talks about their gaming exploits! Todd has finished Jedi Survivor! Did he think it was better than Jedi Fallen Order? Find out! Then, Scott talks Fairy Fencer F and his inability to play other games due to “after-hours” work. Then, Will reveals his latest adventures in Omega Strikers, Fall Guys, and more! Finally, Faith talks GTA, Disney Dreamlight Valley, and other things she’s had time to dabble in.

Then, in the news! Tears of the Kingdom has gotten in-depth interviews with the dev team and near-perfect reviews! Does this help excite the team about the title? Then, the Switch has gotten its latest sales numbers and there’s much to discuss! Add to that, Splatoon 3 is feeling the POWER!!!!!!! …Breath of the Wild gets a new honor, and more!

Finally, the team talk about their favorite games and see if Metacritic agreed with their praise!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the Nintendo Entertainment Podcast!

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