Kodansha Launches K MANGA Mobile App

Kodansha has launched its mobile manga app, called K MANGA, with nearly 400 titles for readers to enjoy. Out of those 400, 61 titles will be simulpubs. The service makes use of a ticket/points system in order to access chapters of the featured manga.

For the ticket system, one ticket will get you one free chapter. Note that Kodansha states that you are “renting” the chapter with the ticket. There are two types of tickets that you can use: Normal Tickets which are given out every day (every 23 hours), and Premium Tickets which are distributed during special events. The difference between the two is that normal tickets allow you to read one chapter per ticket from any series you want while a premium ticket will allow you to read as many chapters from your favorite series as you want within a limited time period. Once the time period is up, the premium ticket will expire and you will no longer be able to freely read as many chapters of your choosing unless you spend an additional premium ticket.

All K-MANGA original series are eligible to be read via tickets.

Other chapters will require you to use points to read. You can earn points by reading a series that is running a point campaign to earn 7 points per day, watch a short video to open a points box that awards up to 50 points, or flat out buy points. In the case of buying them $1 = 100 points. There will be other campaigns and promotions that will hand out free points as well.

You can grab the app on iOS and Android devices today.

Source: TheOASG