Justified City Primeval

Justified City Primeval Trailer Highlights Return of Raylan Givens

I know this website is more about the “geeky” side of things, but there are times when you can’t help but praise good television and movies. When FX launched their series Justified starring Timothy Olyphant back in 2010, it was immediately hailed as one of the best things on television. Each season was its own kind of work of art with unique stories, great characters, and superb acting. The show ended in 2015, but the story never ends in the universe of Elmore Leonard. Fast forward to now, and Justified City Primeval is set to debut on FX in July.

Set almost a decade after Raylan Givens final case in Kentucky, a unique set of events takes him and his 14-year-old daughter to Detroit, Michigan. He is asked to help lead a task force to bring down a heinous criminal. But nothing is easy in Detroit, and Raylan will have to work his way through the system before things get more out of hand. The trailer highlights the fun and misadventures we’re about to get, so stay tuned for its debut in July: