How to use Memory Bubbles in Honkai Star Rail

You may have started Honkai Star Rail as I have and ran into one of these memory bubbles that let you touch them. Once you touch them then nothing happens and they just stay on the space station. There is an actual way to utilize these memory bubbles and they may not be what you expect.

First, you will need to go to a specific location in the Space Station.

Honkai Star Rail Memory Bubbles Hoyoverse

Next, you will need to look for a box that is near here to destroy and get the memory bubble to appear. Once you interact with it, you will get a message that you should probably talk to someone about it. That someone is luckily nearby, a Herta puppet.

Honkai Star Rail Herta Memory Bubble
Herta Puppet is right here

You will then need to talk to Herta and ask her about the memory bubbles and why you can’t interact with them. After signing a disclosure agreement and some other imaginary agreement she makes up, she will then tell you about how to interact with these memory bubbles. Once she reveals the secret to you, you can make your way back to the bubble behind you and interact with it.

The memory bubble will give you a memory of someone else, and it will be more flavor text of the world. A lot of the best parts of Honkai Star Rail is its flavor text of interacting with objects in the world and luckily the memory bubbles give us more of that in spades. Now go forth and find more memory bubbles you will want to find!

Honkai Star Rail is available to download on Mobile Devices and PC. It will eventually be available on PlayStation Consoles.