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Game Grumps Announce Stealth Horror Game ‘Homebody’ for This June

The Game Grumps have made us laugh, made us cry, and now, they aim to scare us. Currently hosted by Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan, the comedy web series has the duo playing all kinds of games. And now, they’re making their own. Originally announced a year agoHomebody has a new announcement. It’s coming. And sooner than you think.

The 80s-inspired stealth-horror game will arrive on June 1st on all major consoles and PC. A woman named Emily rents a remote house with her college pals to watch a meteor shower. Once the power goes out, it makes it easier to watch for meteors—but harder to stay alive with a killer on the loose. Players take on the role of Emily, solving puzzles while evading the killer in the hopes of making it out alive.

The premise makes the game sound reminiscent of titles like Alone in the Dark and Clock Tower. Based on the design in the trailer, the game likely intends to pay homage to its frightening forbearers:

It appears Jory Griffis, a developer and member of the Game Grumps office, has taken the lead on this title. But while the Grumps bring their trademark goofiness and lightheartedness to the trailer, it seems the game will be anything but. Homebody looks pretty spooky. Well, maybe it will have some laughs in the dialogue, who knows?

As for gameplay, we can see Emily hiding in closet, running down hallways, and arriving in a surrealist dreamscape in the hopes of evading the killer. Trial and error seems to be the name of the game. Players will learn about the house after each escape attempt, placing them back in the foyer to start over once more. An in-game journal will help keep track of information gathered. And the killer will help to, uh, keep chasing you.

Homebody looks like a great callback to a largely bygone era of stealth horror games. See how scary the indie horror game is when it arrives on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on June 1st. It’s just around the corner.