Food Review: Kaylin + Kaylin Pickles

Yes… you are here on The Outerhaven, and, yes, we are a geek culture website. With that being said, welcome to our first Food Review!

Why a food review, and what does this have to do with geek culture? Well, you see… these Kaylin + Kaylin pickles were made quite infamous thanks to the efforts of All Elite Wrestling’s World Heavyweight Champion, Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

How so?

Check out the video below… but WARNING there is some rather strong language in it

So, any wrestling fan will tell you that MJF stays in character almost 24 hours a day, thus bringing back the lost art of kayfabe. Many thought that he was simply just working the crowd and making these pickles seem better than they really were; however, after Meals by Cug and several other Tik Tok/Instagram stars tried these pickles and ranted and raved about them, I decided that it was time to give them a try.

Only one little problem… they are constantly SOLD OUT!

In fact, the company had gotten so popular, you could only get a chance to score some pickles after being notified via their newsletter about their next pickle drop. Well, one came around, and I was able to snag three flavors to try… so try them I did, and here are the verdicts!

First up is Classic Dill. This was the one that MJF took a bite of at the AEW Media Scrum but… was this, as he put it, a “Good F***ing Pickle?”

MJF did not lie… this really was a good pickle. Typically, Mt. Olive is my go-to brand to satisfy my pickle cravings, and while they are more readily and easily accessible, they cannot hold a candle to Kaylin + Kaylin’s classic dill. Everything you want from this pickle is here. The snap, the crunch, the juiciness, and, most importantly, the flavor. The taste reminded me of class old-school half-sours. They really taste great and, I’m not exaggerating, are among the best dill pickles I’ve had, and I’ve tried quite a few brands!

Overall Rating: 9/10

Next, I tried the Honey Mustard Chips.

First off, the chips are very big in size. I’d say at least 1″ in diameter and also pretty thick. Store-bought pickles are usually very small and flimsy, but you’re not going to get that here. When you bit into one of these chips, you’re getting an actual BITE! Despite being chips and submerged in honey mustard brine, they still hold that same crispy crunch and that satisfying snap when you bite into them.

As for the taste? Out of this world. It’s a bread-and-butter pickle chip that has that mustard-like tang. From the initial hit to the aftertaste, these are, hands-down, THE BEST pickles I have ever eaten. I’m not just saying that to try and stir up some business for them, either. These really are a must-try pickle… especially if you enjoy sweet pickles!

Overall Rating: 10/10

Kaylin + Kaylin

I like spice… I like garlic… I like spears. This one seemed like the perfect match… however… out of the three that I’ve tried, this one, sadly, was a miss.

Just like the other two, you had that nice crisp snap when you bite into it, but it’s the flavors that cause this to falter just a bit. The initial taste is a bit offputting and, for some reason, it doesn’t really have any hint of garlic to it at all. Instead, it rather gives off this pungent aroma with a taste to match; however, the more you chew, the more it mellows out, and it ends up tasting like a regular dill pickle. The spice comes in after you swallow, but there isn’t much heat to it either… which is a good thing. When you eat spicy food, you don’t want to be tasting spice. Spice deserves to be in the background, and that’s exactly what these give you.

Tolerable after a few chews, but the initial hit can be offputting.

Overall Rating: 5/10

The next time they do a pickle drop, I would like to try some of the other flavors as well as get a reorder of the classic dill and honey mustard chips! I suggest signing up for their newsletter so you can try them for yourself!

These pickles were purchased for review.