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Daymare 1994 Sandcastle heads to PC and Consoles on August 30

The team behind Daymare 1998, Invader Studios, has announced that the prequel, Daymare 1994 Sandcastle, will be released for consoles and PC on August 30, 2023. This prequel was initially revealed back in 2021, and just like the prior game will be a third-person story-driven survival horror title. A demo for the title will be available to play on May 11, 2023.

This demo will provide players with an introduction to the game’s story and world with multiple thrilling combat encounters, and access to the various weapons and abilities that will await them when Daymare 1994: Sandcastle launches in August. This demo will also allow everyone who plays it to provide feedback to Invader Studios, as they want the prequel to be even more successful than its first outing.

Daymare 1994: Sandcastle will feature Dalia Reyes as the playable character and will follow her as she begins her career as a government agent, as a member of the H.A.D.E.S. (Hexacore Advanced Division for Extraction and Search) Unit, but it may turn out to be even more dangerous than she could have imagined. Now, tasked with infiltrating a secret research facility, Reyes must be ready to fight strange creatures and use her wits to overcome the labyrinthian halls in a tense survival horror experience full of challenging combat and tricky puzzles.

“We’re excited to be so close to completing the years-long work, The worthy heir to the first chapter is coming out, and we can’t wait to show you the clear improvements.” said Leonardo Caltagirone, Founder of Leonardo Interactive.

The original Daymare 1998 game as the developer was working on a remake of Resident Evil, called Resident Evil 2 Reborn. However, this project garnered the attention of a member of Capcom, who invited the Invader Studios team to Capcom back in 2015. During this trip, Capcom requested the team to stop development on the fan remake and suggested that Invader Studios continue their work, but on an entirely new IP.

With the assistance of Capcom, they did just that. Thus, Daymare 1998 was born. Of course, we later discovered that Capcom was working on a remake of its Resident Evil 2 title. Despite that, the game was still similar to Resident Evil, including ammo conservation, running away from enemies when needed, and the over-the-shoulder view taken from Resident Evil 4.

Daymare 1994 releases for PS4, PS5, Xbox, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, on August 30, 2023.