Bioworld’s Atsuko Drops New Evangelion Merch

Atsuko, Bioworld’s premiere brand for fans of Japanese culture, announced the availability of new apparel featuring characters from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Expanding on the collection first launched in March this year, fans and fashion lovers can now enjoy new apparel celebrating the Japanese mecha anime series.


The new collection includes Nerv Patchwork Joggers (MSRP: $85), Unit-01 Iridescent Reflective Shorts (MSRP: $75), The Children Button Down Shirt (MSRP: $80), Nerv Reflective Joggers (MSRP: $95), Shinki and Unit-01 Panel Hoodie (MSRP: $95), Unit-01 Reflective Anorak (MSRP: $150), and a Shinki Take Care Satin Jacket (MSRP: $130).

The new Evangelion collection is available to purchase on May 23, 2023.

Fans can shop the new collection on the Atsuko website.

Source: Press Release