…And A Bottle of Grog: What’s New In Season Nine of Sea of Thieves

Rare’s co-op gem of a swashbuckling, cannon-blasting, grief-ridden pirate sim, Sea of Thieves, has entered its ninth season. The developer has done plenty with the seasons it’s had so far, which is why its fanbase has stuck around for so long compared to other multiplayer-heavy titles. So what does Rare have up its sleeves this time? Let’s look at what is new and what players can expect from this new season of content.

First up is the Plunder Pass. Many multiplayer-focused games have incorporated a “battle pass” style reward system, made paramount by Epic Games’ Fortnite, and Sea of Thieves is no different. This season will bring cosmetic items such as the “Sting Tide” costume and ship set featuring a capstan, sails, bow, and flag. These rewards are available to those who purchase the premium edition of the plunder pass, retailing for your standard $9.99. Seasonal rewards are also available for free-to-play players looking to increase their renown level to 100!

Next up is some much-welcomed balancing. World events, such as the return of ghost fleets, are now better scaled to your crew’s strength. Players will now have a better fighting chance against the computer-controlled adversaries, making ship fights (and ship boardings!) all the more fun. Along with that, we now see more seagull activity this season, allowing players to better locate sunken loot and treasures based on the amount of avian activity in certain areas of the many seas. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled as you sail along!

Furthermore, Sovereigns will also now accept items for The Hunter’s Call (fish), although, for players seeking the most coin, they should consider turning in those tasty sardines to the Hunter’s Call directly.

The new “bait crate” has also seen its formal debut in season nine. The bait crate is a piece of equipment sailors can use to store bait for fishing expeditions (one of my favorite things to do in the game!). This will save players time by not having to dig for fishing bait on islands. Players can pick up these crates from the Merchant Alliance or The Hunter’s Call in-game.

Sea of Thieves Twitch Drops

Finally, Twitch Drops for Sea of Thieves is live as of May 26. Players can gain access to some cosmetic items by watching supporting streams of Sea of Thieves. Players can claim the Eastern Winds Ruby compass, fishing rod, pocket watch, and spyglass. Link your Twitch account here. And also, view the partner directory here.

So as you can see, Sea of Thieves Season 9 offers quite a bit for you scallywags of the high seas. So don’t miss out on all the new stuff!