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Spider-Man Is Swinging Over To Disney+

The day has finally come, the day that Spider-Man will be displayed on Disney+ alongside all the other outstanding Marvel franchise films. The Amazing Spider-Man – my personal fave – will be available on April 21st, and then Homecoming and Venom will be joining the streaming service on May 12th. More of the Sony universe of movies is to come to the service as well.

Rumors of this went around on the internet very heavily for a while but Sony never seemed to want to let Disney have Spider-Man or Venom, but hopefully, this is opening up a new agreement that could lead to many more opportunities for the two characters in the future. Especially with Venom 3 being around the corner it seems.

I am very excited and pleased to finally have almost all my favorite Marvel movies in one place, including Venom, which is one of my favorite movies to cozy up to and watch to relax. For me, the Disney+ streaming service is about to get a whole lot more worth it.