Nintendo Live

Special Nintendo Live Event Coming To Seattle!

Nintendo has been doing a lot in the last several years to bring its reach to fans beyond just having video games. We know of their movie efforts via the incredibly successful Super Mario Bros Movie, and it’s doing more beyond that via Super Nintendo World to really make you feel like you’re in their world. But you might recall that Japan still has most of the world beat due to their Nintendo Live events that have all sorts of fun things going on. Well, guess what? You won’t have to go to Japan for one later this year, as Nintendo is bringing it to the US!

They announced that a Nintendo Live is happening this September in Seattle. While that is far away for many, including many of us here at Outerhaven, it is the home base of Nintendo of America, so it makes sense. As you’ll see in the tweet below, they’re going to give a full-on experience to people who manage to go. So start prepping your trip!