Secret Invasion, Honest Trailers

Secret Invasion Gets First Official Trailer

Secret Invasion has been a series long in the works within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and many wondered what it would be like given the state of the Skrulls as noted in the Captain Marvel film. However, despite all the questions, the series is coming, and it’s coming in June. Moreover, the series has gotten a full-on trailer that debuted tonight, and it teases many things while also bringing other things togther.

For example, we see Nick Fury and various other “spy characters” from the MCU both known and unknown coming together to fight the Skrull threat. A key Skrull even notes that while “Fury has been gone,” things have gotten worse. Just as important, Fury says this is a fight he must do on his own. Check out the full trailer below, and get ready for Secret Invasion starting on June 21st!