NieR Collaboration Coming to Nikke: Goddess of Victory

Yoko Taro’s NieR series will soon be coming in a collaboration event to the mobile game Nikke: Goddess of Victory.

In the coming celebration of the game’s first  180 days of service, Shift Up Studios has revealed goods that will be up for sale in the future. Goods include acrylic stands, clear files, dakimakuras, and a coming scale figure of Volume. It was during this news announcement that they released a teaser trailer that hints at NieR’s collaboration, which shows Nikke’s game font being changed to NieR’s.

Yoko Taro himself also acknowledges this collaboration and gave his simple thoughts on the collab.

This would be the second major IP collaboration for Nikke. They have collaborated with anime/manga series Chainsaw Man. There was an exclusive story with unique units of Makima, Power, and Himeo. With likely NieR: Automata‘s 2B likely coming as a unit, this will be the 2nd character that voice actress Ishikawa Yui will be voicing. She voices Rapi in the Japanese dub of Nikke.

Nikke: Goddess of Victory is a game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world in which you command mechanical maidens named Nikkes to fight against Raptures to reclaim the surface.  If you love your gachas with a good emphasis on fan service, sexy designs, a deep story, and a game that is fairly kind to free-to-play players, Nikke is the game for you.

Nikke: Goddess of Victory is available on mobile devices and PC.