Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Unveils Title Update 5 and Amatsu’s Return

In the recent presentation for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, we see the next free content update and a returning Elder Dragon. Amatsu will return and Risen Shagaru Magala will be coming to the game on April 20th.

For those who wish to face Amatsu, they must be at least Master Rank 10 (MR 10). And for Risen Shagaru Magala, players must be at Master Rank 180 (MR 180).The trailer then also unveiled more content updates, such as a lift in the level cap for anomaly Reseach Quests to 300,  and more Event Quests for poses, layered armor, stickers, and emotes. There are also quality-of-life updates as well such as the Melding Pot, which will now include Qurious Melding. For the more experienced hunters, there will be Special Investigations that will have monsters attacking in new patterns and attack modifiers. Hunters will also be able to earn the “Buff Body” appearance for those who want to show off. Though I wish the buffed a bit more for the female. Where is that Gender Equality Capcom?! Another cosmetic shown off is the Lagombni ears. In case you want more bunny in your looks.

We then get a look at the next group of paid DLC, which includes new Chill versions of popular songs like Beyond The Endless Deep Blue and Legends of Ages Past. We also see new face paint cosmetics, stickers, and layer armor costumes.

We then see a teaser in regard to the last title update which will come in June. From what it teases, it seems we may get a new variant of the Malzeno. We will see more as we approach June.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is available for the Nintendo Switch and PC, and the free Title Update 5 release date is April 20, 2023. The Bonus Update will appear in June 2023.