Ize Press Licenses Five Manhwa Titles at Sakura-Con

At the Yen Press Industry panel at Sakura-Con 2023, Ize Press announced the acquisition of five Korean webcomics (Your LetterOvergearedJungle Juice; See You in My 19th Life; Unholy Blood).

Your Letter

By Hyeona Cho 

Ize Press

When middle schooler Sori Lee stood up for her friend against their entire class, she never expected to become their new target—but that’s exactly what happens. So, when her friend decides to transfer schools, Sori decides to wipe the slate clean and does the same. Luckily, someone seems to be looking out for her this time, and on her first day, she finds a mysterious letter taped to the bottom of her desk inviting her on a scavenger hunt! Sori follows the trail of clues to try and uncover the identity of her benefactor, and as she explores all the curious and wonderful people and places around the school, begins to open her heart once more…

Your Letter is a single-volume mystery story that deals with bullying and budding friendships.


Art by Team Argo
Adapted by Monohumbug(REDICE STUDIO)
Original Story by Saenal 

Youngwoo Shin is a deadbeat in real life, working odd jobs to fuel his video game addiction. But inside the VR game Satisfy, he becomes Grid the Warrior…who is also painfully ordinary. Everything changes when he discovers the tome of a legendary blacksmith. Who needs skills when you have god-tier items…right?

Adapted from the webnovel of the same name, Overgeared is a popular game fantasy manhwa from REDICE STUDIO. With over 120 chapters available, this ongoing action series has received over 3.4 million views and 281k likes on Tapas. 

Jungle Juice

Story by Eun Hyeong
Art by JUDER 

Every society has its hierarchy, and college student Suchan Jang is at the top of the human one. Though popular and well-liked, he has a secret that keeps him from getting close to others: under his clothes lies a pair of hidden insect wings. But when he’s forced to expose them to save the girl he likes, his world is turned upside down—and Suchan promptly becomes prey in the insect food chain!

Jungle Juice is a beloved sci-fi story best known for its insect-based action, which has received over 63 million views on WEBTOON. Jungle Juice will be the first YLAB work published by Ize Press.

See You in My 19th Life

By Lee Hye  

Jieum Ban has a secret—she can remember the memories of her previous lives…all 18 of them! This means she retains past knowledge, skills, and most importantly, the bonds with the people she cares about. Guided by the bittersweet memories of her last life, Jieum sets out to rekindle the love that was cut short by her tragic death. But little did she know her biggest rival would be her own past self…

See You in My 19th Life is a reincarnation romance that has earned over 83 million views on WEBTOON. An upcoming live-action k-drama adaptation of this title is coming to Netflix in 2023.

Unholy Blood

By Lina Im 


All pure-blooded vampire Hayan Park wanted to do was live a normal life. But the rise of half-bloods ten years ago transformed the world into a dangerous and frightening place—robbing her of her one true wish. Determined to return Korea to how it used to be, Hayan teams up with local police captain Euntae Hwang to wipe out the bloodthirsty killers in a tale of hot-blooded romance and revenge.

Unholy Blood is a popular vampire manhwa best known for its beautiful art and strong female lead. Receiving over 124 million views on WEBTOON, Unholy Blood is a completed series with 8 volumes.

Source: Press Release