How to unlock Limit Break in Wild Hearts

With the release of Wild Hearts Version 1.2.0 on April 6, 2023, a new ability called “Limit Break” has been added to the game. This feature allows players to increase the damage per second (DPS) of their weapons or the effectiveness of their armor. However, the game does not provide clear instructions on how to access this ability. In this article, we’ll show you how to unlock Limit Break in Wild Hearts.

How to unlock Limit Break in Wild Hearts

To access the Limit Break ability, players must first find a volatile Kemono and defeat it. It doesn’t matter which Kemono you choose to battle. Once you’ve defeated the Kemono, you’ll receive a message indicating that you’ve obtained a core orb filled with latent energy. This core orb can be used to enhance your weapons and armor.

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To use the core orb, head to the forge at Minato or your own. Choose to have either a weapon or armor forged, and you’ll receive another message stating that you can use the core orbs you’ve gathered to enhance your equipment further. However, the number of enhancements you can make and their effects will differ for each piece of equipment.

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To use the Limit Break ability on a weapon, access the status of your weapon or a possible upgrade and select the “Break Limit” option. Each level of the “Attack Limit Break” will increase your damage output. However, to unlock each level, you’ll need specific core orbs that drop from Kemonos in various regions.

For example, you’ll need 20 “Natsukodachi core orbs” for the first level of the Limit Break ability.

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The drop rates for the required core orbs are currently low, so players may need to farm for a while to obtain them. Only volatile Kemonos will drop the core orbs you need. Omega Force may address the drop rate in a future update, or at least we hope they will.

You can also refund the Limit Break

If you despite that you don’t like the abilities the Limit Break affords you, you can refund it. At the bottom of the screen is the option to Remove Limit Break. Press this, and the game will warn you that if you continue that you can get your orbs back. However, you will not get all of the money and the kemono orbs that were used in the process.

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If you’re interested in trying out Wild Hearts, read our game review to learn more. The recent update has significantly improved the PC performance, and the game is playable on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Check out the patch notes to see what else has been added, fixed, buffed, or nerfed in the latest update.