Gundam Evolution Season 4 - Gundam Dynames

Gundam Evolution Season 4 Hands-on Preview

Recently, Bandai Namco invited me to its Gundam Evolution Season 4 preview, where I had a chance to get some hands-on with the new unit joining the roster, Gundam Dynames, as well as getting a chance to play in the new game mode called “Headquarters,” and the new map, “Buried City.”

Below are my thoughts on the new additions to Gundam Evolution Season 4, which is codenamed “Ballista,” which will be available for all platforms on April 13, 2023.

What Gundam Dynames brings to the table

New to Gundam Evolution season 4 is one of my favorite Gundams, Gundam Dynames, which was introduced in the Mobile Suit Gundam 00 anime in 2007. The addition of Gundam Dynames adds another long-ranged mech for those who enjoy sniping foes when they don’t expect it.

Unlike the Gundam Evolution’s current long-range sniper, the GM Sniper II, Gundam Dynames brings more to the fight. While the Sniper II is defenseless while sniping, Dynames can deploy a front-facing shield that can absorb some damage by holding down the alternate fire button, enabling Gundam Dynames to fire off a few more shots without worrying about being taken out.

Gundam Evolution Season 4 Preview - Gundam Dynames Attacking-01 (Copy)
This is Gundam Dynames Attacking my target

Gundam Dynames has its signature GN Rifle and a pair of side arms — just like in the anime. These come useful when engaging in close-quarter battles, as you can swap to them whenever needed. While they don’t have much ammo, reloading is quick enough to happen while you move in and out of cover or retreating. The sidearms also do quite an amount of damage; sitting at 1200 dmg during preview, I was more than capable of taking out most units that got up close. In short, Gundam Dynames is the the best of both worlds, and it will be deadly in the right hands.

Gundam Dynames also has some support capability and can repair disabled allies from a distance. Meaning, you won’t have to move from your sniping spot to get your damaged allies back into the fight. It’s an interesting addition, as the only other unit that can do this is the GM Sniper II. It’s almost as if Bandai Namco is either trying to get people some ranged decisions or wants to put the GM Sniper II out of action.

Gundam Evolution Season 4 Preview - Gundam Dynames GN Missles (Copy)

Another useful ability is the GN Missile, which draws enemies that are near each other before doing damage. It’s also good for coordinating targeted attacks or if you and your team are on the same page.  I can see some helpful potential when using this. The duration is short, so those looking to take advantage of this will need to plan accordingly.

Rounding things out, the G-Maneuver for Gundam Dynames is a Trans-Am powered rifle that does more damage if you hold down the alternate fire. With this, it does a nice chuck of damage, but it still doesn’t come close to the GM Sniper II’s ability to one-shot units. Also, when you’re in Trans-Am mode, you can’t use your side arms, which was a bummer as this was something that was seen as being possible in the anime.

Gundam Evolution Season 4 Preview - Dynames in Trans-Am (Copy)

I feel that Gundam Dynames is a great addition to the Gundam Evolution roster and is a godsend for those who have been asking for a better selection when it comes to sniping. In contrast to the GM Sniper II, Gundam Dynames does less overall damage using its rifle but can defend while sniping, and the sidearms do a considerable amount of damage up close, so it can also be used as a medium-range unit when sniping isn’t optimal.

A new map and game mode

Also introduced during the Gundam Evolution Season 4 preview was a new game mode called Headquarters. In this new game mode, both teams will fight over a central point, and once it is captured, they’ll then be able to attack the opposing team’s base and ultimately destroy its core. Teams will score points by capturing the point and reducing the opponent’s core to 50% or below. However, if the opposing team is able to protect its core will earn a point. The first team to five points will win the match.

Gundam Evolution Season 4 Preview - Attacking Buried City 2 (Copy)

This game mode was played on a new map called “Buried City” and, as the name suggests, takes place inside a city. It’s a decent map full of chokepoints, ambush points, and sniping areas. As far as maps go, both teams have a fair advantage.

Gundam Evolution Season 4 Preview - Buried City (Copy)

This is an interesting new game mode, and it does depend on how well a team works together and the chemistry of the units that are used. During my Gundam Evolution Season 4 hands-on, we had a chance to play with the Headquarters game mode and map, where I noticed that those who picked more offensive-minded units and knew how to defend ended up winning more than often.  This is not a game mode where you’ll want to turtle, at least not after capturing the central point. From what I have experienced so far, whoever captured the point, ended up being the aggressor for the entire round. Of course, when more experienced players can play in this game mode on this map, it could be an exciting “Tug of War” battle.

It isn’t known if the headquarters game mode will be playable on other maps as of this moment.

Gundam Evolution Season 4 Preview - Attacking the Core (Copy)

Gundam Dynames brings some interesting new mechanics to the long-range sniper role, with its shield and support capabilities, as well as its sidearms for close-quarters combat. The new game mode and map also seem like they offer some exciting new gameplay opportunities for players. I’m sure fans of the series will be looking forward to trying out these new features when the game is released on April 13th, 2023, for consoles and PC.