Street Fighter 6 Character Pass Characters

Four new characters to be added to Street Fighter 6 via the Character Pass

During Capcom’s Street Fighter 6 showcase, it was revealed that four new characters (well, not exactly new) would be joining the roster and exclusive to the Street Fighter 6 Character Pass.

  • Rashid from Street Fighter 5 will be added Summer of 2023, Ed from Street Fighter 4 and 5 will be added Winter of 2024, and
  • A.K.I will join the roster first, during the Autumn of 2023, and is the only new character in this character pass. A.K.I was Leaked a while back, and there’s lots of speculation about her and that she may be F.A.N.G’s protege and could even know where he’s hiding after the events of Street Fighter 5.
  • Akuma, one of the most wanted characters for Street Fighter 6, will be added last during Spring 2024. It’s Akuma; I don’t have to say anything else.
  • Ed, who debuted in Street Fighter 4 as a non-playable character and was trained by Boxer/Balrog (or M.Bison), debuted as a playable character in Street Fighter 5, will be added last during Winter 2024.

In other news, a new Street Fighter 6 demo has been made available for the PS4 and PS5, with the same demo being released for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on April 26, 2023. This demo will be a bit different than the prior betas, as players will now be able to partake in the Word Tour, which is the single-player story mode, and Fighting Ground which serves as the versus mode of Street Fighter 6. There is no online play in this demo, and you are confined to using with Luke or Ryu.

Street Fighter 6 releases for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on June 2, 2023.