Best FPS games on Xbox Game Pass in 2023

Xbox Game Pass is home to many outstanding shooters, from the futuristic Titanfall 2 to the hellish DOOM. Here are some of the best FPS games on Xbox Game Pass for the year 2023, based on their level design, weapons, and in some cases, storyline.

Battlefield 4

Best FPS games on Xbox Game Pass - Battlefield 4

The Battlefield series is known for its gritty combat, massive open spaces, and operation of vehicles like tanks and jets. While recent games have lost their way, Battlefield 4 remains to be a compelling entry in the series. It has superb level design, thorough controls, and a modern setting that most FPS gamers agree with rather than Battlefield 2042. Many Battlefield fans return to this game time and time again, despite turning 10 years old this year.


DOOM (2016)

Best FPS games on Xbox Game Pass - Doom

If you want more of an old-school FPS vibe, DOOM (2016) is your ticket. Each of its weapons feel powerful as you’re slaying tons and tons of demons in your wake. You can also upgrade each of your guns, making them even more powerful. The movement in DOOM is also responsive at a smooth 60 frames per second (or perhaps more on PC). This is the best feeling FPS on this list bar none. The sequel is also available on Xbox Game Pass.

Far Cry 5

Best FPS games on Xbox Game Pass - Farcry 5

Far Cry 5 is a phenomenal open-world FPS on Xbox Game Pass. You can roam the stunning Hope Country in Montana, taking out bases and following the engaging narrative it has in store for you. Like other entries of this series, the villain is one of the highlights of Far Cry 5, and you’ll be invested in taking him down. Far Cry 5 is also co-op, so you can join your buddies who also have Xbox Game Pass. You’ll also gain new weapons and upgrades along the way.


Halo Infinite

Best FPS games on Xbox Game Pass - Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite is one of the best FPS games on Xbox Game Pass right now. It’s the first entry to go open world, and the environments are absolutely gorgeous. You also get some badass weapons in the game, like the Gravity Hammer and Stalker Rifle, among many others. The hook that Master Chief utilizes in the game also feels snappy; it lets you grab onto enemies and punch them once you come into contact. Like Far Cry 5, Halo Infinite tells an engaging story for both new and old fans alike. Read our review for more info.


The Outer Worlds

Best FPS games on Xbox Game Pass - The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds is one of the best RPGs on Xbox Game Pass that just so happens to be an FPS. In this sci-fi adventure, you’ll meet intriguing characters, tough scenarios, and awesome quests to follow. The shooting feels great for an RPG like this and truthfully makes a series like Fallout pale in comparison. It also has plenty of color all over the world design, which is a refreshing change. Finally, your story can change depending on the choices you make, allowing for multiple playthroughs.


Rainbow Six Siege

Best FPS games on Xbox Game Pass - Rainbow Six Siege

Arguably the most intense FPS on Xbox Game Pass is Rainbow Six Siege. In a set area, you must defend or retrieve an objective on the map, usually a hostage. You’ll have a few tools at your disposal, like explosives to get through a locked door or an RC vehicle to scout around the area. Next, you’ll have to be tactical with your team as you approach the objective. Just a few shots can take you down, so you have to be accurate and be as wary as possible. It’s one of the best FPS games on Xbox Game Pass, just from how different it is from other titles and how precise you need to be.


Titanfall 2

Best FPS games on Xbox Game Pass - Titanfall 2

Last but not least is Titanfall 2. This game, developed by Apex Legends studio Respawn, is an absolute triumph. The wall running and the feel of the weapons are perfect. The campaign is filled to the brim with exciting mechanics and surprises. Operating a Titan (the big mechs in the game) is also exciting, as you take down enemies in a matter of seconds. The multiplayer maps in Titanfall 2 are also a triumph. Hopefully, one day, Respawn will end up producing a third entry in the series, but until then, you should play Titanfall 2 on Xbox Game Pass.

As you can see, there’s something for everyone where. Battlefield 4, DOOM (2016), and Titanfall 2 are all classic games with engaging campaigns and multiplayer modes. Far Cry 5 offers an open-world experience with captivating characters and a gripping narrative, while Halo Infinite combines open-world exploration with intense combat and an intriguing story. The Outer Worlds stands out as an RPG-FPS hybrid that offers immersive storytelling and multiple endings based on player choices. Finally, Rainbow Six Siege provides an intense, tactical multiplayer experience with unique gameplay mechanics.

Overall, Xbox Game Pass seems to offer a great selection of first-person shooter games for gamers who enjoy immersive and action-packed experiences.