VIZ Media Announces Anime Acquisition for Yoichi Takahashi’s Captain Tsubasa: Junior Youth Arc

VIZ Media has acquired rights to Captain Tsubasa: Junior Youth Arc anime based off the popular sporting manga created by Yoichi Takahashi. The deal struck with Shueisha Inc includes digital streaming, TV, EST, home video and merchandise rights for North and Latin American territories. The series is set to launch October, 2023.

Captain Tsubasa

First serialized in 1981 in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, the soccer manga Captain Tsubasa is the creation of Yoichi Takahashi and centers on its main protagonist, Tsubasa Ozora. With a gauntlet of distinctive and unique characters, outrageous soccer attacks like the famous Drive Shot and Skylab Hurricane, and intense battles on the turf, Captain Tsubasa has captured the hearts of manga fans and professional athletes the world over. To date, the series has reached sales of over 90 million volumes (paper and digital) worldwide.

In Captain Tsubasa: Junior Youth Arc the International Junior Youth Tournament in Paris, France, is about to begin, and Tsubasa, Misaki, Wakabayashi, Hyuga, and Wakashimazu are ready. Japan’s team of elite players is to face off against the best the soccer world has to offer. Germany’s Schneider, France’s Pierre, Argentina’s Diaz, and Italy’s Hernandez await, along with a host of other new rivals. Let the battle begin!

Studio KAI is confirmed for the production, with the official main staff and cast including:

Main Staff:

  • Created by: Yoichi Takahashi (Shueisha JUMP COMICS)
  • Director: Katsumi Ono
  • Character Design/Executive Animation Director: Hajime Watanabe
  • Series Composition: Atsuhiro Tomioka


  • Tsubasa Ozora: Yuko Sanpei
  • Karl Heinz Schneider: Jun Fukuyama
  • Genzo Wakabayashi: Kenichi Suzumura
  • Kojiro Hyuga: Takuya Sato
  • Taro Misaki: Ayaka Fukuhara
  • Ken Wakashimazu: Yuichiro Umehara
  • Ryo Ishizaki: Mutsumi Tamura
  • Hikaru Matsuyama: Wataru Hatano
  • Jun Misugi: Soma Saito

In North America, fans can stream the preceding season, Captain Tsubasa (2018) on Amazon Prime Video, Pluto TV, and Roku. Captain Tsubasa (2018) is also available for purchase on Amazon, GooglePlay, iTunes, Microsoft, and VUDU.

Source: Press Release