Vampire Romance Comic The Blood Moon Premieres Today on Manta

Manta announced the release of its newest original, The Blood Moon. The title premieres today, with new episodes coming out every Monday(EDT).

The Blood Moon

The Blood Moon is an original Manta vampire romance story created by its in-house studio, and the storyline follows a young woman named Linnea who is married off to a wealthy aristocrat, but instead finds herself increasingly drawn to her new husband’s son, Aleksis. As the two spend more time together, however, Linnea discovers that the family she’s married into is harboring dark secrets.

The Blood Moon is one of Manta’s newest additions to their growing library of popular romance titles, joining the likes of Disobey the Duke if You Dare, The Tainted Half, Semantic Error, and Under the Oak Tree.

The pilot season of The Blood Moon was released last fall and has quickly gained a loyal fan following. The full season premiering today will contain six episodes, giving fans and Linnea plenty of time to discover the secrets of Count Mattei’s family.

Source: Press Release