Slice of Life Light Novel Series From Ashe Launches 7th Volume

The newest installment of the slice-of-life drama light novel series, From Ashe is here! You can pick up a copy today on Amazon in Paperback, Hardcover, and/or Kindle format to continue your journey alongside Ashe Sawyer as she aims to become a published author! From Ashe Synopsis: Ashe’s World Changes! A new page has turned for Ashe and right when she is about to start the next step to achieving her dream, her life is derailed by an absolute nightmare. Facing this nightmare head-on, Ashe needs to overcome one of the biggest obstacles and challenges in her life; however, what awaits her on the other side is a lingering effect that haunts her to her very core. How will Ashe push past this and continue her journey to becoming a published author? As always, From Ashe Vol. 7 is available in the following formats: Paperback – $12.99 Hardcover – $19.99 Kindle – $4.99 Kindle Unlimited – Free You can find the primary link here where all three versions should be available on the same page: For more information along with other series by the author, visit the official website: Source: Press Release