Cult of the Lamb Relics of the Old Faith

PAX East 2023: Relics of the Old Faith DLC hands-on impressions

Fans of the Cult of the Lamb have gotten their wish, as a new DLC for the game called Relics of the Old Faith was revealed. Actually, I didn’t even know about the DLC, and when I asked about the game, I was told that PAX East 2023 was the first time that anyone outside of Massive Monster knew anything about it.

While Massive Monster wasn’t keen on telling me much, the game revolves around an old god who has resurfaced and basically wants you to use his powers over those of ‘The One Who Waits.’ The way that this is being presented, it makes you wonder if these two entities knew each other.

Throughout the show floor demo, I was given new abilities from this new entity, alongside those from ‘The One Who Waits’ gifts. Throughout my progression through the level, this old god, Chenon, I believe was his name, kept asking if I liked his gifts and how much better they were than those puny ones I had received prior.

The demo gameplay was similar to the original game, so there’s nothing that has changed there. There is a new story that will play out in the DLC, adding 20 hours of new content, according to Massive Monster.  The demo ended off with a battle with an updated version of a boss from the base game, and one that I couldn’t beat after two tries. I mean, this boss kicked my ass, and this baffled me, as I played the heck out of the original game, and asked why this boss was so hard. The person on hand smiled and stated that this boss was made harder on purpose. Sadly, I wanted to get back to play the demo again, but the lines were super full, and I didn’t want to bogart anyone with my media access.

Regardless, I’m looking forward to getting some more time with the DLC, when it eventually gets released. I spent more time that I should have with Cult of the Lamb, but that was all due to the game being so damned fun.

I don’t know when the Relics of the Old Faith DLC release date is, but I was told that the DLC is finished, and the release isn’t too far away. The DLC is also verified for the Steam Deck, so don’t worry about that.