Persona 5: The Phantom X Steals it Way to Mobile Devices

A move some saw or not saw coming… Persona 5 will be coming to iOS and Android mobile devices in a new tie-in game named Persona 5: The Phantom X.

A while ago, there was a new trailer from ATLUS  that revealed this mobile title. Developed by Black Wing Studio Games and published by Perfect World Games, they plan to bring even more Persona 5 to mobile devices. Originally this was a Chinese-only mobile game, but now it has been approved by SEGA and now working deeply with ATLUS.

Credit: Faz

The game takes place in the same settings as Persona 5. This time however it will be at a different academy and not Shujin. Players (Code Name: Wonder)  will now attend Kokatsu Academy. You will befriend another student named Suwa Arai (Code Name: Closer). You then meet a mysterious owl named Luffy (Code Name: Cattle) who is able to speak and change just like Morganna. Luffy is also aware of Palaces  & Mementos and is undertaking the task of changing hearts. To what purpose? To look for a strong desire. We also get to see other characters that will join the party as well. Naturally, we also get a new iteration of the Velvet Room. Now being a catacomb under the sea. We see Igor and a new Velvet Room attendant by the name of Merope. While the original game’s theme acts on taking distorted desires, Phantom X seems to delve into the importance of having a reasoned desire. if what Igor and Merope said is any clue. To follow through with pursuit and dreams.

You will undertake places while balancing out your social links like in the original Persona 5.  Gameplay is nearly identical to the original game, though how they will incorporate this on mobile devices is the question. Though we do see some familiar faces like Iwai of the gun shop and confirmed Tae Takemi of the Clinic. We also see Big Band Burger and Fishing make a return here.

Further in the gameplay trailer, we see one of the palaces that the team will venture through. A person by the name of Kiuchi seems to treat others unfairly just because he can, and he is related to baseball. Movement and platforming are the same in the original game and the battle interface is the same if the result screen was any hint. We also see the player with the awakening of his persona Jánošík.

At the end of the trailer, we also see that the Joker will be making an appearance and we know that the rest of the Phantom Thieves will also appear in some way in other promotional art. There is no release window for when this mobile title will release or if it will reach the West. We will bring you more on Persona 5: The Phantom X, as soon as we find out.