ONI PRESS Announces March Comic Releases

ONI PRESS has some new comics coming your way this month! Below are the titles you can snag for yourself!

Rick and Morty Presents: Time Zoo #1


Rick and Morty realize that nothing has really changed for them over the past couple of years. In fact, it seems like the world is still the same. No new music genres. Or movie stars. Or video games. And that cheese in the fridge is getting real weird.

When Rick and the entire Smith family realize they’re trapped in a Time Zoo, it’s up to Summer to save the day. No, really. Summer has to save the family.

Release Date: 3/1/2023

The Snowcat Prince

“Boasting a vivid sense of place and a tranquil ambiance, this contemplative story explores preconceived notions and the import of generational storytelling.” – Publishers Weekly

To break the curse on the kingdom, Syv, the youngest snowcat prince sets out on a dangerous quest to find the long-lost magical crown of his ancestor and learn the true meaning of bravery and honor.

From Norwegian author Dina Norlund comes The Snowcat Prince, a beautifully illustrated tale of bravery and honor.

Release date: 3/8/2023

Rick and Morty vs Cthulhu #4

It’s R’yleh happening! In the final confrontation of the Smith-Sanchez Lovecraftian horror saga, family turns on family, and the battle for pop culture relevance is waged between Rick and Cthulhu—with devastating stakes.

Morty embraces his eldritch identity and finds comfort in the supportive arms of his adoptive old-god father. Summer will mete out divine retribution in the name of Azathoth. Rick has lost ground at home against the Color Out of Space, and must abandon his daughter to fight this evil at its source: Cthulhu.

Release Date: 3/22/2023

Rick and Morty #3

The invasion continues!

War brews between the Goldenfold and Rick armies. Can the Ricks save their world with problem-solving science, or will the Goldenfolds subtract them from the equation? Yep, it’s still about math! Oh, and Morty’s new girlfriend seems…nice?

Release Date: 3/29/2023

Source: Press Release