New Murakumo Kemono and Karakuri coming to Wild Hearts

Today, a new short look at the new Murakumo Kemono that will be making its way to Wild Hearts on April 6, 2023, was shown. As many had already known, this new Kemono is fox-like and is new to the series. However, we now know that this Kemono will use its wind-ability, combined with petals, to cause the lives of hunters much more frustrating.

With the addition of this new Kemono comes a new Karakuri that comes in the form of the Spinning Top Fusion Karakuri. This Karakuri can be fired at the Murakumo or any other Kemono, which will cause it to pause due to the sheer amount of force. It can also bounce off of objects, just like a spinning top does. I imagine this would do serious damage if it could be reflected off the Karakuri shield wall.

Slaying the Murakumo will also introduce a new armor set, as seen in the trailer. This new armor has a fox-like appearance, which makes sense as you’ll get it from a fox-like Kemono. I’ll look forward to farming this as I bang my head against the wall fighting the Murakumo.

Lastly, this update will introduce the new Limit Break system, which will give hunters the ability to use Core Orbs to enhance their weapons and armor.


While these won’t be added during the April 6th update, two new Kemonos, the Deeply Volatile Kemono, and Deathhaze Gloombeak, will be added on April 20th, 2023.  That’s not all, as that update will also introduce a new style of hunt called Serial Hunts, which sounds like it will be a surivial hunt of sorts.

Wild Hearts - Murakumo Armor

Wild Hearts is currently available for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Be sure to read our Wild Hearts review, where we state, “Wilds Hearts is an incredibly fun monster hunting experience that’s really only held back by its technical issues.”