MapleStory Characters Join KartRider: Drift Roster

Hot on the heels of the KartRider: Drift x Porsche collaboration, the second collaboration of Season 1 lands with iconic characters from Nexon’s legendary 2D side-scrolling MMORPG, MapleStory. The KartRider: Drift x MapleStory collaboration sees Pink Bean, the cute pink monster, and Lucid the elf take up racing as selectable characters in KartRider: Drift alongside favorites like Dao, Bazzi, Brodi, and Kris.



KartRider: Drift x MapleStory packages are available in the Item Shop and include emotes and emblems for customizing racers’ experience. The Pink Bean package can be purchased for 1,500 K-COIN (premium currency), and the Lucid package can be purchased with 25,000 Lucci (earnable in-game currency). Each package contains the named character, an emblem which can be used on your profile, and 14 new emotes!

Be sure to watch KartRider: Drift’s Twitch channel and link your Nexon account for exclusive Twitch drops, including a unique decal, license plate, plus “Undercover Sophia” – which are currently earnable – with three new Twitch drops arriving on March 29. KartRider: Drift is available to download and play for free on PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, Nexon Launcher, iOS App Store, and Google Play.

Source: Press Release