Manta to Release Graphic Novel Adaptation of Disobey the Duke if You Dare

Manta today announced that the company is bringing Manta’s top fantasy-romance title, Disobey the Duke if You Dare, into print graphic novel. The first volume of the publication will be available on Amazon beginning April 18.

Disobey the Duke if You Dare

This is Manta’s latest effort to expand its best-in-class storytelling IP beyond digital comics, creating a fresh and enjoyable experience for fans. Starting with Disobey the Duke if You Dare, Manta is committed to bringing more of its hit originals into high-quality graphic novels through direct publishing and partnerships.

Moonseok Jeong, Head of Content for Manta said, “Manta already has a strong, well-established fandom from offering the hundreds of best and exclusive stories in digital comics form, and we are definitely proud for Disobey the Duke if You Dare to be our first entry into print. With this graphic novel initiative, we aim to extend the success of Manta’s popular IP, diversify the reading experience, and most importantly, bring what our fans will love and enjoy.”

Disobey the Duke if You Dare, which is one of Manta’s most popular titles, tells the story of a young woman named Lily whose husband, the titular duke, is rumored to be a warmongering monster. To her surprise, she finds him to be a gentle and attentive spouse. The only catch, however, is that she is forbidden from seeing his face. The digital comic version of Disobey the Duke is currently in its second season.

Manta has successfully proven its competitive edge in romance storytelling, having created and published wildly popular series such as Under the Oak TreeFinding Camellia, and The Tainted Half. 

You can check out this series along with all of the other great content, as well as grab the app for iOS and Android on their official website:

Source: Press Release