Manga Review: The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Vol. 1

The Girl I Like Forgot Her GlassesTitle: The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Vol. 1
Author: Koume Fujichika
Publisher: Square Enix
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Pages: 128
Genre: Slice-of-Life, Romance, Comedy
Publication Date: December 20, 2022

The Story

Mie is a dunce. So much so that she constantly forgets her glasses. She can’t see a thing without them but that’s okay because Komura, a boy who sits next to her, ends up helping her out. Because of this interaction, Komura ends up developing a crush on Mie.

The first volume tells an overarching story through episodic chapters. Mie ends up forgetting her glasses, then she forgets them the next day, too… or so we thought. Ends up she stepped on them when she got home the day before. She placed a new order but they won’t be ready for a few days. Because Komura helped her out on the first day, she asks for him to add her on “Lime.” She then asks him to meet her at the station because she had to go pick up her new glasses.

After she puts them on, she notices Komura clearly for the first time. Once their day is over, she has a few interesting thoughts after seeing him. Despite having new glasses, she forgot them again! When she comes to class, Komura notices how she wasn’t wearing them, but then she says something that takes him by surprise!


Mie is really cute in her mannerisms. Because she can’t see without her glasses, she’s constantly squinting. She even states that she’s not angry… she’s only squinting. Because she always looks mad, the written dialogue doesn’t match her expression and that’s done on purpose to add another layer to the comedic aspect of the series. Mie also has a quirk about her, too. She will randomly just start talking like a samurai. I’m not sure if she’s an otaku or a geek as that hasn’t really been laid out for us yet but it is rather odd her for to slip into a whole other style of dialogue seemingly at random. There has to be more to this! All in all, she’s an adorable, lovable character and definitely commands the spotlight whenever she’s around.

Kaede Komura on the other hand is a little bit on the vanilla side. He’s the typical boy who does a good deed but since he has a crush on Mie, he gets a bit nervous around her. Nothing extreme to the point where he could fill in for Senpai’s role in Nagatoro but the nerves are definitely there. Then again, the manga even made it a point to say that when boys get a crush they often act a bit weird.

So far, these are the only two prominent characters. They did introduce another classmate but his involvement lasted all of 2 pages before we forgot about him. Perhaps more will be seen in the future.

Final Thoughts

This is the second cute series in a row I’ve reviewed from Square Enix… the first being My Clueless First Friend. This one has the angle of Mie forgetting her glasses but… I have to say…. That the gimmick has already overstayed its welcome after just 128 pages. Sure, the volume did a great job coming up with different scenarios to cover for Mie’s forgetfulness but I feel as if it already pulled every excuse out of the book leaving the rest of the series kind of barren.

I could be wrong as maybe Mie will stop forgetting her glasses and this will turn into a normal, albeit, cute rom-com. I hope it does because this is just one of those gimmicks that you can only take so far before it runs out of steam and after this volume, I can say that it already has. Anything further would seem really superficial or just there for the sake of keeping the gag alive. The only way to find out how this continues is to read on.

So far, it’s good enough to keep reading. Because it is the first volume, everything is fresh. The big question is can it stay fresh?

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