Manga Planet Licenses 2 New Titles from SHINCHOSHA

Manga Planet is pleased to announce the license acquisition of the following manga titles* from SHINCHOSHA Publishing Co.,Ltd.:

Heroines Game

Manga Planet

Her name is Alice. One day, she wandered into a crazy tea party.

Alice, the leader of a popular idol group, found herself in an unknown forest.

Little Red Riding Hood, Thumbelina, Snow White… The heroines of fairy tales appear one after another. What’s different from the fairy tales is that their forms are disfigured.

The heroines, who have met an unfortunate end, are said to be killing each other in a “Heroine’s Game” to change their fate.

So begins a beautiful yet cruel fairy-tale heroine battle royale.

The Yokai Caretaker

Toritsuki Hiyori works at a very common yokai garden, where he takes on the task of raising these beings under the guidance of yokai doctor Mutsu Goro.

*Release dates to be announced later.

Fans can read these titles and more via the new Manga Planet, an integration of the Manga Planet Library and futekiya Library launching in spring 2023.

Source: Press Release