Is The Sims 4 Expansion Pack: Growing Together Worth It?

The Sims 4 just recently had its new infant update on March 14th, which gave us more updated infants in the game. So not only do we get to interact with babies, but there were improvements made to toddlers as well. But one of the downsides if you weren’t planning on spending money, is a lot of things that make the experience of the new infant update even better are in the Sims 4 Expansion Pack called Growing Together. For example, you will not only have better personalities for your babies, and get to choose their baby foods, and much more, but you will also get the much-needed public changing table. If you’d like a more detailed list of things included in the expansion pack for $39.99, you can read and purchase at this link.


In the image above, I designed a nursery for my Sims child and added some of the items included in the expansion pack – as well as that cute little crib that is a downloaded mod. The changing tables are one of the most important items in my opinion that I love, however, it is so annoying that your Sims will just leave dirty diapers sitting all around on the floor unless you tell them to put them into the diaper bin next to the changing table. Some really adorable little children training potties were also added with the expansion, giving you many opinions based on if the infant Sim is a boy or a girl. These were something that I added to both the nursery, and both the bathrooms in my Sims apartment…even if my Sim is still too young for them, they are just adorable. The potty I used above is one with little bunny ears that is a light shade of pink which is perfect for the girl sim’s nursery.

Here is the other side of my nursery so far, which honestly really isn’t a nursery…once my infant Sim ages up, I plan to make a really epic toddler room, and these are the starts of that. The bookshelves are an item that was included in the expansion pack, which is something I am obsessed with. As a book nerd, I will always approve of a good bookshelf.

Given there being many items added with the expansion, that is one reason it was made especially worth wild to me. Taking care of babies in a video game that I can instantly turn off when I am tired of responsibility? Yes. This expansion pack also includes features like family dynamics, growth in milestones, and more family interactions. Depending on how you play the Sims 4, will determine if you will want and enjoy this expansion. If you don’t get into the whole family setup, then you won’t, but if you play to do the 100-baby challenge or even just a baby or two, you will definitely enjoy this pack and its features.