WWE 2K23

Guide: WWE 2K23 General Manager Mode Tips and Tricks

WWE 2k23 was released this week and perhaps one of the most improved modes is the fan-favourite GM mode. So whether you are a returning player or brand new to GM mode, be sure to follow our WWE 2K23 tips that will ensure that you’ll create a dominating show.

Drafting A Plan

At the beginning of each season, you get the opportunity to draft your roster. During this time, it’s important to have a plan for your initial feuds and champions. If you end up drafting an unbalanced roster, with too many male superstars and not enough females, you’ll be immediately on the back foot.

Using Classes

Each superstar has a class, from fighters and bruisers, to cruisers and giants. These classes are essential to getting the highest-rated shows and matches. This is how they best match up:

  • Cruisers vs Giants
  • Fighters vs Bruisers
  • Specialists vs anyone (but not quite as effective)

Make sure you use these when making your shows at every chance, starting from when you are drafting your roster.

Do What HHH Says

You’ll notice while playing that HHH gives you a goal each week. These can be anything from booking a certain match type, to not using a certain superstar this week. Completing these goals as frequently as possible can really give you the edge. So get out there and do what’s “best for business” and get those power cards.


Using Power Cards Efficiently

Power Cards can be the difference between winning and losing. They can be earned in various ways, such as, completing seasonal objectives, fulfilling HHH’s goals, and buying them (with in-game currency) in the power card store.

More important is using these cards at the most effective time. For example, if you have a card that allows you to stop a superstar from being used. It’s probably best to use that card for a major PLE show rather than a weekly show. This could stop your opponent from being able to book their top rivalry on a major show, in turn causing them the most damage to ratings.

Don’t Forget Show Logistics and Upgrades

Each week outside of booking the matches, you need to also select the show’s logistics. These logistics can be upgraded over time, allowing you to gain more fans and money. The more seasons you play, the more upgrades you can get. Just ensure you don’t neglect these and always set the best show logistics available. I did forget once or twice and it really messed me up!

Special Match Type Bonuses

There are many new match types for use in GM mode this year, and many of them have special bonuses attached. Anything from additional rivalry levels, to increased morale for the winners. Pay attention to these match bonuses and book them at the appropriate time. Don’t book a rivalry-ending submission match for a rivalry that has only just started.


Don’t Worry About Hall Of Fame

When you start out the game will make a big deal about getting to the Hall Of Fame objectives. I’m here to tell you not to worry about them, just play and you will fulfil these objectives naturally.

There you have it! Seven tips to help you become a GM Mode master, whether you are playing your friends or the AI.

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