Where To Find a Gold Chicken Egg In Resident Evil 4 Remake

The Gold Chicken Egg in Resident Evil 4 remake is quite elusive. You’ll be tasked with finding one for a side mission, and it gives you no direction as to where to go. Here’s the exact location you can spot one in Resident Evil 4 remake.

Gold Chicken Egg in Resident Evil 4 remake location

Golden Chicken Egg location Resident Evil 4

In any true Resident Evil game, exploration is key and in Chapter 4, you can find a gold chicken egg in a remote section of  the map. Once you’re given access to a boat, go to the large lake where you fought Del Lago, the Loch Ness-like beast. Now, head east from the destroyed boat in the middle; the spot is pointed out in the picture above.

Once you arrive on land, you’ll discover a secluded chicken farm. Stroll around the area, and you should be able to find a gold egg in Resident Evil 4 remake on the ground. We found it on the southern section of the farm. There is a chance it won’t appear. In that case, reload the save and return to the area. We found the gold egg the first time we explored the chicken farm. By the way, if you go back to the shipwreck in the middle of the lake, you can find the awesome Red9 pistol there.

How to get reward for picking up Gold Chicken Egg

Gold chicken egg Resident Evil 4 Remake

You can get rewarded for finding a Gold Chicken Egg in Resident Evil 4 remake if you pick up a blue slip of paper next to where you first found the boat. Now that you’ve accepted the quest and retrieved the rare item, go back to the Merchant. He will reward you with Spinels, and you can use those to get new weapons like the Punisher, treasure maps, and attachments like Laser Sight.

Good luck with the rest of this horror adventure. You’ll probably need it.