Dokapon Kingdom: Connect New Trailer

Idea Factory International has graced us with a new video for Dokapon Kingdom: Connect and some new information surrounding the standard and advanced jobs.

The trailer is the opening movie to the game and it looks like it has quite a bit of personality with the characters. Dokapon Kingdom started out as a game on the PS2 and was ported to the Wii. Dokapon Kingdom: Connect seems to be a reworked version for the Switch. It takes place as a party RPG game for the adventurers to compete to make the most money which in turn gets them a shot at marrying the princess of the Kingdom.

Alongside the trailer there is an update to the website of Dokapon Kingdom: Connect that shows off some of the character classes you can choose from.

A job for those who want to pack a real punch. Good with physical attacks and weapons.
A job for those who want to aggressively attack with magic. Able to cast high powered spells.
A job for those who want to move fast and steal things. God-level pickpocket skills.
To see what these jobs can advance into, you can check Dokapon Kingdom: Connect’s website specifically for the variety of jobs available to the player.
Dokapon Kingdom: Connect releases spring 2023 for Nintendo Switch.