Dean Winchester in Supernatural

Dean Winchester Finally Got The Ending He Should Have Had

Supernatural was a very well-known show that lasted for 15 seasons, which just ended its long journey in November 2020. There were many things that fans didn’t like in the final episode of the series, although it was nice to see Sam played by Jared Padalecki and Dean Winchester played by Jensen Ackles reunite in Heaven, fans feel Dean didn’t go out of the world the way he should have. Dean Winchester dies at the end of season 15, in the final episode while on a vampire hunt, and he passes away very slowly in the embrace of his little brother, Sam Winchester…sad right? Even sadder, Dean goes to Heaven to then see that his parents aren’t waiting for him, Castiel played by Misha Collins isn’t there, and no one else is their deceased friend or ally. The only person waiting for him was Bobby Singer, which was like the boys’ second father.

However, this isn’t really the showrunner’s downfall. They wanted a big reunion but with COVID-19 and the pandemic, we didn’t get to have that. Sucks for us Supernatural fans really. One of the heartwarming plus sides to it though, we get a really lovely and peaceful scene between Sam and Dean on the bridge in Heaven together in the final minutes of the very last episode. The bridge looks just like the one involved in the very first episode over 15 years ago. Jensen Ackles himself said “my initial reaction was, ‘I don’t like it,” regarding the ending to the show. But after talking with Epic Kripke, they soon agreed it was the “perfect” ending for the two brothers, but some disagree.

To the fans that have watched The Winchesters, which is a spin-off show co-directed by Jensen Ackles, they feel they finally had Dean Winchester back with Ackles narrating as his beloved character. The series focuses on young John Winchester and Mary, the father, and mother of Dean and Sam. Actors Drake Rodger and Meg Donnelly play the young version of the parents in what is called a “Supernatural love story.”

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester shows up again, stepping out of the Impala, and in the season finale, he hands young John a note from his dead father Henry, which was a man who died saving his grandsons in the future, which is recorded by the Supernatural episode, “As Time Goes By.” By giving young John the closure he needed, Dean Winchester shifted the parent that he would soon grow up to be, therefore making changes to the overall story.

Dean Winchester is still dead, but the spin-off series makes it so that he can interact with the living, but this means he has given up his own peace and rest…which is exactly what Dean Winchester would have done. Let it be known though, Jensen Ackles has even confirmed, this was done with the multiverse…which is something many heroes seem to be involved in lately. Get it?

“It would have been a fool’s errand to try and box ourselves in with what had been created on Supernatural,” Ackles said. “We would be boxed in by that. In order to get our two heroes together and make it make sense in that timeframe, it had to be messed with. And the only way to really mess with that was just to make it a completely separate, alternate thing, which luckily the mothership had established with Chuck when he was like, ‘I’ve made multiverses and you guys are my favorite,’ So, we knew that there was still stuff out there. And then also to tether it to the fact that, oh, if this was a fail-safe that Chuck created, how many other fail-safes does he have?”

Although some don’t like the spin-off series, some fans do feel that it fixed some of the things wrong with the final episode of Supernatural at the same time. Although, many were heartbroken to see Dean and Sam die, especially after they helped fans through so many dark times in their life, myself included, it was hard to let go. But having the perfect image of them in Heaven was something good to hold onto. And now, the possibility of Dean and Sam have had a better childhood is something even more to hold onto.