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Bayonetta Origins Receives Overview Trailer With New Details!

The next big Nintendo Switch release is only hours away, and it’s another 3rd party title to boot. This time around, it’s PlatinumGames making a splash via Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon. The prequel into the adventures of everyone’s favorite Umbra Witch will have a much different look and feel than before. But the adventure you’ll get appears to be quite magical indeed. Ahead of its upcoming release, Nintendo has released an overview trailer that showcases the game, and gives new details.

For example, we learned previously that Cheshire, the titular “lost demon,” will get elemental cores to use. But in the trailer, we see how it’ll use them, and it’ll be for both attacks, and to trigger events in the world. Furthermore, as Cereza and Cheshire grow, they can unlock new abilities via a set of skill trees. Cereza will even be able to brew potions to help the two when they are in trouble. Another new feature is a new dimension the two will travel to so they can break through the illusions that lie within Avalon Forest.

You can check out the Bayonetta Origins overview trailer below, and stay tuned for our review of the game!