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Wild Hearts Update 1.004 Has Been Released

Hopefully, the performance issues have been addressed

The latest update for Omega Forces’ hunting title, Wild Hearts, update 1.004, has been released and, per the developer, will address a number of issues, including the performance woes on the PC version of the game.

At the time of this article, the update is live on Steam and the EA App. On the EA App, the update is 863.16 MB, and I can only assume it is the same size on Steam.

Wild Hearts EA App 1.03 update

When you load back into the game, it will show as version 1.03.

Wild Hearts ver.1.0.3

Here’s what update 1.004 included fixes.

  • Addressed the audio de-sync issues. Rebooting the game will often remedy the problem.
  • Added performance improvements.
  • Addressed stuttering issues.
  • A CPU threading issue has been fixed. Improved performance was noticed on high-end PC’s.
  • AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX visual artifacts fixed, added the option to turn off reflections in the settings menu.
  • The default resolution when launching the game for the first time will now be 1080p. If you are running the game comfortably at higher resolutions, you can continue to do so and select alternate resolutions from the settings menu.
  • Additional stability and bug fixes

When Koei Tecmo’s hunting title, Wild Hearts, was released, it did so with several performance issues, which caused those who played on all platforms to complain about them. But none more than the PC platform, which caused many to head to Steam and review bomb the game to vent their frustrations.

In the case of the PC version, the poor performance was blamed on an issue that caused a CPU bottleneck. Your performance would suffer even if you had the most powerful CPU and GPU around.  In my case, I got lucky as I was still hitting between 50-60 frames per second, and that’s after dropping settings down with a Ryzen 9 7900x and an RTX 4090. Others were stuck around 20-30 frames per second. Needless to say, it hasn’t been a great experience for an otherwise enjoyable title.

Hopefully, this patch addresses the issues, and I’ll be playing around with this patch and will report back if it does what the developer says it does.