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Wild Hearts: How do Knockbacks and Dizzy Status Work

In Wild Hearts, the massive Kemono you encounter have a knack for smacking you hard, regardless of how much resilience you have and knocking your butt. It comes with the genre. However, while doing this, your character will eventually become dizzy, leaving you open to attacks. You may be wondering how this works, and what you can do about this, and that’s we’re here to answer. At least we think we have the answer.

Knockbacks, Dizziness, and you

In Wild Hearts, you’ll see a meter next to your character whenever you build up status. It tells you how close you are until you get afflicted, like with a fire debuff. However, there’s no such thing for when you’re getting pummeled. Well, there actually is, but you can’t see it. It’s an invisible meter for all purposes.

Nothing in the game can stop you from building a resistance to this, so the best way to stop this from happening is simple – Don’t get hit, which is harder than it sounds.

Testing this out on some of the larger Kemono, my character could take five or six solid smacks in a row before I got dizzy. That’s not getting out of combat, or dodging whatsoever. I did heal, my character isn’t invincible.

Piccolo says Dodge

However, if I let myself get hit several times, then managed to dodge attacks, or moved away from the fight for a few seconds, I found that I could take more hits to the face. This tells me that this invisible meter drops must faster than the other statuses do.

While we can’t see this meter, it functions like the other meters we can see. So, as long as you DODGE! (thank you, Piccolo), or remove yourself from the fight, things will work out better. Still, I wish we could see this meter, but it is what it is.

Also, while there’s no deterrent, if you upgrade your Tsumoko’s defense form, it will step in more often and take the aggro from you when you end up dizzy.

Resilience and Defense can’t stop this

While there’s resilience in Wild Hearts, its task is to help mitigate the elemental damage from Kemonos. There are five types of damage that the Kemono can inflict on you; Earth, Wind, Water, Wood, and Fire. Thus, you’ll want to use gear that protects you from that damage. However, it doesn’t stop you from being hurt, it just stops you from being hurt as much.

The same goes for defense. The more defense your gear has, the less damage you’ll take, but it doesn’t stop you from being dizzy. Just like resilience, it will just stop you from being hurt as much.

In the image below, you can see that this character has 75 points of defense and various resilience. If, for example, a Kemono who inflicts fire damage hits me, I’ll take less damage because I have a decent defense and resilience rating. I’d take more damage if I had less defense and lower fire resilience.

Lastly, keep in mind that foods also help improve your resilience. Keep those in mind!

Wild Hearts - resilience and defense

It’s a numbers game, but either way, a knockback will still cause me to get dizzy if I get hit enough. All resilience and defense are going to do is stop me from getting hurt; it won’t stop the status.

We hope this helps clear up how this all works. If by some chance I’m incorrect about this, please let me know, and I’ll update this article. Check out our Wild Hearts review and our other Wild Hearts guides.