Super Mario Bros Movie

Super Mario Bros Movie Gets Official Poster

Whether you’re already all in on it, or think it’s already headed for a rocky debut, the Super Mario Bros Movie is coming. The film marks the first time in a long time that Nintendo has had their properties on the big screen (Pokemon doesn’t count as that belongs to Game Freak and The Pokemon Company). The film recently had a TV spot that highlighted Donkey Kong, and now, we have the official poster of the movie. Not surprisingly, it takes the trend of “throwing all the characters on the poster” to show who you should be focusing on.

All in all, the poster doesn’t look that bad. And the trailers have been rather consistent in presenting the Mushroom Kingdom and the other lands in a beautiful way. The problem has always been with the voice acting, primarily Chris Pratt’s Mario voice. Could things still turn around? Maybe. But we’ll have to see how things go when the Super Mario Bros Movie releases.