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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Crosses 20 Million Sold, Bayonetta 3 Crosses Million Marker

With each new financial quarter that passes, people are always very interested in seeing how various gaming franchises have done in recent months. That goes especially if the game is a new title that needed a big launch to be successful. Nintendo released its Q3 2022 results today, revealing some big numbers on all fronts. The Switch has crossed the 122 million marker for hardware sales, and the software sales for the system were also very impressive. For example, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet crossed 20 million units sold since its November release, and Bayonetta 3 crossed into the million-seller club!

Regarding Pokemon, that sales number is astounding because it sold 10 million in its first three days and then basically doubled that over the next five weeks. As for Bayonetta 3, many were wondering if the title would be able to reach the million-seller mark quickly or if it would take time like with its ports. Clearly, it was the former.

Other milestones reached include Super Smash Bros Ultimate crossing 30 million units sold. Splatoon 3 crossed ten million sold. Ring Fit Adventure reached 15 million sold. Finally, Animal Crossing crossed 41 million sold.

So yeah, Nintendo had a big sales quarter, and they’re very happy about that. We’ll see if 2023 continues its software sales trend.