Oni Press Announces Their February Releases

Oni Press has some new comics headed your way! The following are the titles that they announced for the month of February!

My Life Among Humans

Jed McGowan

A nameless alien data compiler comes to Earth to study humans, setting up shop on the outskirts of a small desert community in North America. Working under forced labor, it must watch humans in complete secrecy while sending regular reports to its manager back home. Using spore-like technology to read the minds of his hosts, the alien quickly takes a special interest in Will, one of his early subjects. That interest proves to be a problem when the alien is accidentally revealed to Will’s family and it takes desperate measures to save its own life.

My Life Among Humans is a beautifully painted first graphic novel by illustrator and cartoonist Jed McGowan.

On-sale date: 2/8/2023

Action Journalism #5

(W) Eric Skillman
(I) Miklós Felvidéki

(C) Mariane Gusmão

“…Action Journalism could be the greatest thing ever.” – AIPT

The revelations continue, as Kate gets to the bottom of the mystery around New Arcadia’s resident superhero, The Valiant Volunteer. Who is he? Where does he come from? How does he manage to be right where he’s needed, every single time? And what does the mysterious “General” have to do with it?! You simply won’t believe your eyes!

On-sale date: 2/15/2023

Hustle & Heart: Foretold

(W) Heath Amodio
(I) Justin Mason

(I) Angelo Razzano
(I) Marcelo Salaza
(I) Carlos Reno
(C) Thiago Ribeiro

A year after the mysterious death of his wife, Professor Derek Flynn finds himself waking up, as if from a blackout, in the middle of a catastrophic and fatal disaster. Derek has no idea how he got there, but what’s even more inexplicable is that this has become a common occurrence. In fact, Derek has been lying to his estranged teenage daughter, Casey, about his puzzling disappearances for months. Desperate to get to the bottom of what’s happening to him, Derek reaches out to psychologist Alice Meyers seeking help to recognize the terrifying visions that haunt his dreams: imminent disasters, both natural and manmade, that Derek now feels he is somehow integral to. But with the FBI catching on to his connection with these disastrous events, a manhunt begins, and Derek finds himself tangled in a perplexing web.

On-sale date: 2/21/2023

Invader Zim

(W) Jhonen Vasquez
(I) Aaron Alexovich
(C) Cassie Kelly
(L) Warren Wucinich

The perfect gift for any Invader ZIM fan, this volume collects four of the best Gaz stories from the original comic book series!

Future servants of ZIM! The stories in this collection based on the Nickelodeon TV series are about…not Zim! This Best of Gaz collection includes stories about, well, Gaz, Dib’s darkly demented younger sister. See stories about alternate realities, body swaps, alien invasion, and ski trips on Meat Mountain, all (reluctantly) involving Gaz… Just don’t take her pizza. Collects issues #5, 21, 39, and 44 of the Invader ZIM series.

On-sale date: 2/22/2023

Pink Lemonade #6

(W,I,C) Nick Cagnetti
(L) Francois Vignealt

“Pink Lemonade is a love story between a girl and a bunch of old cartoons on VHS. Which is about as pure a love as you’re going to get.”

4 stars – Monkeys Fighting Robots

It’s dueling opening nights as PL debuts her own documentary in opposition to mogul Zavi Xarad’s trademark infringement on the eve of a spectacular (and unauthorized!) new blockbuster Pink Lemonade action movie… But the forces of corporate theft are doing their best to stop our heroes: Enter DARK OJ-BOT!!! Does Pink Lemonade have what it takes to defeat a gritty reboot of her favorite hero? What do you think?

On-sale date: 2/22/2023

Rick and Morty #2

(W) Alex Firer
(I) Fred C. Stresing
(C) Andrew Dalhouse
(L) Crank!

When the Goldenfolds invade, Rick takes himself out of the equation. But with the addition of Mr. Sanchez and the subtraction of Rick’s problem-solving science, what are the odds… hang on, wait. It’s—it’s about math, OK!

On-sale date: 2/22/2023

Rick and Morty: Crisis on C-137 #4

(W) Stephanie Phillips
(I) Ryan Lee
(C) Doug Garbark
(L) Crank!

Master Meeseeks triumphant?! Noob-Noob lives! Can Rick and Morty defeat an evil that will never quit? Can Jerry own up to his faults and just admit his golf swing will never be any good?

On-sale date: 2/22/2023

Rick and Morty vs Cthulhu #3

(W) Jim Zub
(I) Troy Little
(C) Leonardo Ito
(L) Crank!

Oni Press

Pnakotus, the glittering, triumphant city of the Yith, is populated by the greatest minds of all time, including some rude new guy who won’t get with the program. Who wouldn’t want to spend eternity in this idyllic, definitely-not-hiding-anything intellectual utopia?

Source: Press Release