Nintendo Switch Nintendo Direct Mini

Nintendo Direct Recap – Expansions, Ports, and New Tears to Shed!

There was much hype going into the new Nintendo Direct that just aired. Many were wondering what would be shown both for this first half of 2023, and what would be teased for the back half. Well, while we may not have gotten everything that was hoped for, there was much to show off! So here are the highlights!

First, we got our first look at Pikmin 4! The game will feature new characters, new worlds, new Pikmin, a new dog creature to help you out during your journey, and new threats to tackle! The game will arrive on July 21st!

We also got a new look at Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon. The trailer showed off the new world that Cereza will roam in, and the teamwork she’ll have to show with her new demon friend Cheshire. A new kind of combat will be introduced in the game, and that’s only the start of the adventure when it arrives on March 17th!

After that, the next big announcement was the reveal of the Splatoon 3 Expansion Pass! This will be a two-wave dish (pun intended as you’ll soon see) that’ll feature two very different kinds of content. Wave 1 will take you black to Inkopolis for some fun and nostalgia! You can do everything from there and make it seem like you never left! Even the Squid Sisters have returned to perform during Splatfests! Wave 2 is called “Side Dish” and will feature a new Octarian protagonist in a deep adventure! Wave 1 arrives later this Spring!

Fire Emblem Engage got some Expansion Pass news. Wave 2 drops today and features new Emblems via Hector, Soren, and Camilla! Wave 3 will drop later and have the tandem of Chrom/Robin and bring in Veronica from Heroes! Finally, Wave 4 got a small teaser of the “Fell Xenologue” tale!

If you were hoping Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp would finally get its release date, you were right! The game got a new trailer and a release date of April 21st!

For Nintendo Switch Online users, there will be a swath of new games coming to basic and Expansion Pack users. As Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance titles will be coming to the service! Some of which you can play…today!

After that we got a MAJOR surprise…as Metroid Prime Remastered is FINALLY COMING…and it shadow-dropped the digital version today! The physical version will release on the 22nd!

Finally, we got a new look at Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom! It showed the very grim reality that Link and Zelda will find themselves in when an old enemy returns! New items, new enemies, new powers, and more! Check out the new trailer below and get ready for its May 12th release date!

To watch the full Nintendo Direct, go to Nintendo’s official channel!