Call of Duty

Microsoft Signs Deal With Nintendo Over Call of Duty!

So if you haven’t heard, a LOT is going on in the gaming space behind the scenes. Specifically, Sony and Microsoft are going to war over the latter’s attempt to purchase Activision Blizzard. Sony claims that Microsoft will use its new ownership over various big-name properties and IPs to “dominate the industry unfairly.” That goes double for Call of Duty, which Sony specifically said would be “held ransom” at Microsoft and only put on their platforms versus others. Microsoft denied this profusely, but Sony has taken them to court over it in an attempt to break up the merger.

Shocking, we know. But there’s been a development with that, which has to do with Nintendo. As you’ll see in the statement below, Microsoft and Nintendo signed a deal to bring Call of Duty in all its forms to the various Nintendo platforms that’ll release over the next ten years. Just as important, the content will be exactly what is on the Xbox and PlayStation systems and have clear parity with the others. Obviously, the graphics might be toned down a bit, but we’ve seen meaningful ports to the Switch recently that should give gamers hope.

The merger is still up in the air, but this deal could hinder Sony’s efforts to cry foul play.